The world is getting smaller. Rapid advances in technology in the last few years have made managing globally distributed projects in real time a reality.

Major improvements in work sharing and Unified networks solutions can now make the engineer 6,000 miles away seem as close as the engineer in the next cubicle. And the market and the workforce are truly global as never before. These are interesting times for our industry, and for ESI in particular.

Since 1985, our Beijing labs have grown in excess of 400%, while the rest of our labs have increased capacity by at least 30% each. This rapid growth has not been without some minor bumps, but it has been a necessity as demand for global engineering, development, globalization, testing and support services have grown at an amazing rate. More and more companies are realizing that in order to compete, they are required to globalize not only their marketable products, but their internal IT systems and even the way they handle their business operations.

ESI supports companies as they go global by stepping up and becoming a true partner for the entire process of making your business global. Our name, ESI, is derived from the word Systems integration embodies our philosophy and our core values: To create a company where our clients, our shareholders, our partners and our employees all benefit from a harmonious relationship that maximizes all of our interests. Simply stated: by working together and forming our own System , we're all better off than had we tried to go it alone. This year, as we celebrate our 10th anniversary, we know we have achieved this vision.

At Cortoba, we are very proud that we have completed thousands of projects - every one of which has been a success - and that more than 94% of our work is with clients whom we've served before. It all comes down to a simple metric that we use to judge all of our engagements: one project at a time, every one a success. To our existing clients, we value and honor our relationships, and you know us to be a company that is always here to help. For visitors who have not had a chance to work with us before, we hope to have the opportunity to work with you in the near future.


Respectfully, Mr. Riad Hindy

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer


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